Summer...time to make a difference

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Summer just feels different….

If all we had to do was drink lemonade, catch up with our long lost cousins and feast on sweet corn, life would be a breeze!  But nowadays summer is as hectic as the school year and holiday season.  If you think it’s tough for you and me, take a look at what our helping organizations have going.

During the summer the Heartland United Way continues to work hard for 16 partner agencies, donors and the community!  The United Way office isn’t just a quiet little place that comes to life in the fall to raise funds.  The Heartland United Way is busy all year long and summer is no exception!  You will find them working hard to build awareness of programs funded, engaging volunteers while educating the public on community needs.  Here are just a few examples of summer fun that happen each year at the United Way.

What could be more simple but still impactful than a virtual book drive?  The drive is held each May and with a few easy clicks you can purchase 4 books for an area school child.  To see the smile on the face of a child as they receive a new book that they got to choose themselves is priceless.  This may be one of the only books they have at home, now that is making a difference in a young life. 

June 21st…longest day of the year so it gives us all plenty of time to reach out to others and be a part of the “Day of Action”.  Get involved; make sure you touch someone’s life in a positive way.  The opportunity we have to make an impact on others happens everyday, but maybe with our crazy, lazy days of summer we need a little boost, chose June 21st to serve someone else.  The United Way is always ready and willing to help foster volunteers, they have countless ways you can be called to action!

One of the most entertaining and largest of the Heartland United Way’s fundraisers is just around the corner!  Moo-Claw ; Grand Island’s best surf and turf meal will be held July 20th at the  Heartland Events Center.  This signature event finds people digging into some of the freshest lobster and juiciest steaks in Central Nebraska.  Every year people come out to enjoy the great food, company and entertainment.  For many, this is the first time they have attended a Heartland United Way function, and it’s a great opportunity to learn more about what we do. 

No summer would be complete without the Nebraska State Fair.  Stop by the Heartland United Way Ice Cream Parlor and dig into the ultimate summer indulgence!  The Parlor is run entirely by volunteers so all proceeds go directly to fund community programs.  Stop by, say hello and indulge or call us to volunteer!  

So what’s on your summer calendar?  Reunions? Ball games? The County Fair?  I’d like to challenge you to set aside some time to serve your community.  Not only will you help others but you will have fun doing it.  Trust me.  So what can you do?  You can Give; donor dollars stay right here in our community and fund local programs.  You can Advocate; reach out, lend your hand or your voice to someone in need.  You can Volunteer; community change won’t happen without you, step up and be present.

So while you’re trying to decide how to spend your valuable free time this summer; remember the Heartland United Way is here every season of the year and every season of the year we need you!