Adult Education "Falls" into School Mode

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After a long and hot summer, it is finally the start of fall and time again for school to start.  The same is true for the students of Adult Education.  Our students are like everyone else – they feel the crisp fall air, they see the sales for pencils and paper at the store and their own children going back to school puts everyone in the right mindset to get back to class.

In our English as a Second Language classes, we are busy testing and planning for our next ESL orientation in October which is usually are largest group of incoming new students.  Our current ESL students are hard at work and midway thru their current session which began in July.

Our GED students are studying and preparing for testing.  We have many changes coming up including the GED official exam that will change in January of 2014.  What this means is that any GED individual test taken prior to 1-1-2014 but not a full completion will no longer be accepted.  We are having an enormous push for those students who have taken and passed any individual tests to complete their entire battery prior to December of 2013, otherwise the scores will be removed and the student will have to start from scratch.  One other big change coming our way in the very near future is that all of the official GED exams will be offered only via the computer.  Currently, the student has a choice of paper/pencil or on the computer version with the majority preferring the paper/pencil method.   The last big change for the GED program is an incredibly positive one that is a new law enacted by the State of Nebraska involving youth 18 years of age or younger that are currently enrolled in school.  As of July 19, 2012, the law states that any student 18 years of age or younger can only drop out of high school for one of the following reasons:
1.     Financial hardships requiring the child to be employed to support the child’s family
2.    Any illness of the child making attendance impossible
Adult Education is pleased to see these changes as we have always felt the best place for youth is to remain in high school.

We are excited for our upcoming school year and look forward to seeing great things from our students!!

Penny Holloway, Adult Education