AmeriCorps VISTA

Beginning in June 2015, Heartland United Way began on boarding four AmeriCorps VISTA members to build capacity in order to eliminate poverty in Hall, Hamilton, Howard and Merrick Counties.  

Our VISTA Members will work in four core areas:          

  1. Ending Poverty An AmeriCorps VISTA project's goal addresses helping individuals and communities move out of poverty, rather than making poverty more tolerable through short-term services.
  2. Empowering Communities A VISTA project engages residents of low-income communities in planning, development, and implementation of the project.
  3. Building Capacity VISTA members strengthen, expand, and increase the reach of anti-poverty organizations and programs by working on projects with staff and volunteers, rather than directly with people in need.
  4. Creating Sustainable Solutions VISTA members build capacity for organizations to address poverty long after the VISTA members are gone. VISTA members develop systems, relationships, and knowledge which they transfer to the organization and the community to sustain over the long-term.​

Current AmeriCorps VISTA positions:


Current VISTA Members are serving at the following locations: