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Bank On Nebraska Strong Relief Fund

Flood Relief Fund
As Nebraskans unite to help recover from the devastating floods, we are reminded that the Good Life is about people coming together to help. In this spirit of working together locally, the Nebraska United Ways have partnered with the Nebraska Bankers Association to establish a BANK ON NEBRASKA STRONG flood relief fund. 
This fund offers people the opportunity to donate at their hometown banks to aid local relief efforts. We understand that people want to help and want to know their dollars will benefit people in their community. Banks and local United Ways will collect funds and then work with local emergency management teams and community relief efforts to aid in recovery and rebuilding of communities.
BANK ON NEBRASKA STRONG will also accept donations online or text-to-give. Donors have the option to select a community to direct their funds or to donate to a state-wide fund. Donations to the state-wide fund will provide aid to help people recover and rebuild in impacted areas throughout Nebraska.
Text NEFLOODRELIEF to 41444 to give.
Questions? Contact the Heartland United Way office at 308-382-2675 or stop by our office at 1441 N Webb Road.