Community Investment

The Heartland United Way is committed to making a difference through programs that positively impact the most pressing issues in our communities. United Way provides partial funding to community impact programs at 16 partner agencies and other nonprofits in Hall, Hamilton, Howard and Merrick Counties that serve over 50,000 people each year. The funds are distributed in two ways – through the community investment process and the community impact grant program.

Community Investment Process

Allocation of Campaign Funds to United Way Partner Agencies

Each spring, the Heartland United Way completes a community investment process, where community volunteers determine how United Way campaign funds would be best allocated to the 16 partner agencies for the upcoming year. The volunteers play a vital role in evaluating the United Way-funded programs during day-long assessments.

The volunteers are grouped into teams to review funding requests from the partner agencies.  The teams listen to agency presentations, review agency applications and program results, and make funding recommendations to the Heartland United Way board of directors.

The community investment process ensures that dollars donated to the Heartland United Way are distributed to the most needed programs and services each year. Through the process, the volunteers are encouraged to provide input as to which issues they think need the most attention in our communities and how campaign funds can best be used to address these needs.

Community Impact Grants

Funds set aside for programs concentrating in Education, Income and Health

Each year, a portion of the Heartland United Way campaign funds are made available to non-profit organizations in Hall, Hamilton, Howard and Merrick counties through the Community Impact Grant Program.  The purpose of the grant program is to fund projects that innovatively address issues in the areas of education, income and health. 

The grant program is designed to encourage entities to think creatively about ways to improve people’s lives and change community conditions.  Heartland United Way is especially focused on addressing local emerging trends within the three broad areas of education, income and health.  Growing concerns include childhood obesity, youth graduation rates and the rising percent of people who do not have enough income to meet their basic needs. 

Organizations should develop new or improved strategies to help people achieve a quality education, promote financial stability and independence or improve health in our four-county area.  Grant recipients will launch a two year-long pilot program.  Results are measured, tracked and reported to the Heartland United Way.

The Community Impact Grant Program has provided funding for organizations in the community to launch new programs and services or improve existing strategies.

Grants are available April-December each year.  Grants will be reviewed by the Impact Councils and a rewarded periodically throughout the year.

To apply, organizations must complete an on-line application by December 19th. Click here for detailed instructions. 

For more information email or call the Heartland United Way office at 308-382-2675.