In the communities of Hall, Hamilton, Howard and Merrick counties, we're working every day to ensure every child has a quality education, every family has a stable income, and all people enjoy good health. But to continue our vital work, we need your financial support.  The 4 as 1 Campaign of Champions will consist of a "Champion" and a group of individuals in each of the four counties. 

For the 2015/2016 Campaign Chairs include the following: (pictured above)
  • Ron Depue - Hall County
  • Aaron Kunz - Merrick County
  • Jayne Mann - Hamilton County
  • Joe Mlinar - Howard County
You can contribute online to support Heartland United Way during the campaign and year-round. Donate Now

For resources to have a successful campaign, visit our Campaign Resources Page.

Your Chance to WIN! Donate $204 a year or $4 per week to be entered to win! 

Tickets must be returned to the Heartland United Way office by noon on Wednesday, November 25th.