Campaign Toolkit

Running a United Way campaign in your workplace can be challenging, rewarding, and a great way to bond as a team while helping improve lives in the heartland. 

If you are organizing a campaign at your workplace, are working with a team to run a campaign, or are just curious about what it takes to put a campaign together, the best place to start is by contacting the Heartland United Way team. We are here to help and share best practices, materials, ideas from others, and more. Call us at (308) 382-2675 or email Tiffany Schrunk at *This page is still being perfected. Please check back again! 


START HERE: How to run a great campaign

Over the years, we have learned a lot from teams like yours about what makes a United Way campaign successful. We have compiled this booklet of best practices, tips and tricks, and sample timelines and messages to help you make your plan. It's a great place to start if you are new to campaign, or an excellent resource to remind you of some fundamentals if you've done this before.


Campaign Management Tools

These tools and resources are valuable in helping you build and plan your United Way campaign.


Getting Employees Engaged In Your Campaign


Leadership Groups

  • Builders Club
  • Emerging Leaders
  • Tocqueville Society Campaign Tools


Community Impact

Help encourage donations by sharing how United Way uses those dollars to make real, impactful change in central Nebraska.


Success Stories & Videos

Tour Of Agencies Videos - Coming Soon!


Impact & Success Stories - Coming Soon!


Heartland United Way Campaign Videos - Click to view on YouTube


Heartland United Way Impact Video                             Heartland United Way Impact Video

2019 Campaign Video      HUW Stat Video

HUW Community Partner Video

Community Partner Video


Communications, Promotional & Campaign Materials

The following tools are available for you to use, paraphrase, or re-purpose to help promote your Heartland United Way campaign.


Campaign Materials - Click to view PDF of each item.


Community Partner Card                           HUW Brochure                                      HUW Pledge Card


                  Community Partner Card                HUW Brochure                General Pledge Card


Heartland United Way Logo                     Heartland United Way Logo - Horizontal

HUW Logo              HUW Logo Horizontal