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The first step to making positive, long-lasting changes in a community is to understand the community conditions and issues that people are facing everyday. Follow the links below to learn more about conditions in our communities:

Community Assessment
View the 2017 Community Assessment for Hall, Hamilton, Howard and Merrick Counties.
Poverty Status Report, 2018: Current Poverty In Our Counties
In an effort to support our fight against poverty, this report was compiled to house as-current as-possible statistics on poverty rates for Hall, Hamilton, Howard, and Merrick counties. Advocates volunteering on our Task Forces, organization leaders, and local community volunteers can find estimates, studies, and articles within to focus and direct their work.
Find county specific excerpts here:
Common Good Forecaster
One of United Way Worldwide's 10-year goals is to cut in half, by 2018, the number of students who drop out of high school. United Way Worldwide created a tool called the "Common Good Forecaster" to help community members see the impact education has on areas such as life expectancy, low birth weight, murder and obesity.

Follow the link below to see how Nebraska compares to the rest of the United States and use the forecaster to see how key economic and social conditions would change if we accomplish our goal.

Common Good Forecaster

U.S. Census Bureau: County QuickFacts

U.S. Census Bureau: American FactFinder
View the most recently reported three-year data estimates from the American Community Survey and other U.S. Census Bureau surveys. Search reports by city, county or state.

American FactFinder

Voices for Children in Nebraska: Kids Count in Nebraska Report
Track measures of child wellbeing in our state or by county in these reports.
Voices for Children in Nebraska: County Reports
Track measures of child wellbeing in our state or by county in these reports.
County Health Rankings & Roadmaps
Investigate and compare the newest health statistics by county.
Nebraska Department of Education: State of the Schools Report
Run education reports by district, city or county to view and analyze data.

Nebraska State of the Schools Report

Nebraska Department of Health and Human Services

Division of Children & Family Services – Data & Reports Update. The Child Abuse or Neglect 2015 Annual Data Report

Area Community Health Needs Assessments
Utilize the data collected by the Central District Health Department for Hall, Hamilton and Merrick Counties as well as the assessments completed by Howard County Medical Center and Saint Francis Medical Center.
County Report Cards
View these county report cards for highlights on Education, Income and Health statistics in our area.
How Much Is Enough? [In Your County]
Heartland United Way takes a look at the rate of poverty in our counties through the lens of Federal Poverty Thresholds and the Self-Sufficiency Standard. In addition, statistics for children in poverty living through neglect and maltreatment are supplemented.
Check out 2-1-1 calls/needs in our area.