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Community Investment

The Heartland United Way is committed to making a difference through programs that positively impact the most pressing issues in our communities. United Way provides partial funding to community impact programs at 19 community partners and other nonprofits in Hall, Hamilton, Howard and Merrick Counties that serve over 20,000 people each year. The funds are distributed in two ways – through the community investment process and the community impact grant program.

Community Investment Process
Allocation of Campaign Funds to United Way Partner Agencies

Each spring, the Heartland United Way completes a community investment process, where community volunteers determine how United Way campaign funds would be best allocated to the 19 community partners for the upcoming year. The volunteers play a vital role in evaluating the United Way-funded programs during day-long assessments.

The volunteers are grouped into teams to review funding requests from the partner agencies.  The teams listen to agency presentations, review agency applications and program results, and make funding recommendations to the Heartland United Way board of directors.

The community investment process ensures that dollars donated to the Heartland United Way are distributed to the most needed programs and services each year. Through the process, the volunteers are encouraged to provide input as to which issues they think need the most attention in our communities and how campaign funds can best be used to address these needs.



WE NEED YOU to review United Way Grant Applications to recommend where donor dollars go.

Heartland United Way is looking for volunteers to participate in the Community Investment Process (CIP).  The CIP helps to ensure dollars donated to the Heartland United Way are allocated to programs and services that have measurable outcomes that focus on decreasing childhood poverty by impacting one of the following areas: education, financial stability and health.  

Volunteers review grant applications, listen to program presentations and then make recommendations on how dollars will be allocated.  Volunteer input is a key component of making the entire process a success. Volunteers are encouraged to provide input as to which issues they think need the most attention in our communities and how campaign funds can best be allocated to address these needs.

Please see descriptions of the volunteer opportunities below and select which one best fits your availability, skills and interest. 

Volunteers serving on the community investment team should meet one or more of the following criteria: be a corporate sponsor, a Community Impact Council member or a Heartland United Way donor. Please note: an agency personnel for any grant applicant or program funded by the United Way is not eligible to participate. 

Community Investment Committees

The Community Investment Committees will assist in making sound funding recommendations based on the United Way community investment process and in line with United Way's mission and priorities. The committee will review program applications and reports, in addition to listen to program presentations from organizations to ensure responsible stewardship and accountability for funds allocated by United Way. This will be done through an application review and program presentation followed by an evaluation completed by you.  

Time Frame and Commitment: 

  1. Attend a one hour training session (Tuesday, January 29th 8:30 AM; Tuesday, January 29th 12:00 PM, Wednesday, January 30th 8:30 AM, Wednesday, January 30th 12:00 PM, Wednesday, January 30th 4:00 PM, Thursday, January 31st 12:00 PM)
  2. Review application on line and complete an evaluation-on your own time
  3. Participate in program presentation and discussion (time commitment is approximately 8:00 AM -1:00 PM). You would select at least one date to participate. 

Interested in volunteering for the Community Investment Process?  Click the blue volunteer button below.