Community Impact Grants

The Heartland United Way is excited to announce their new grant application process for requesting United Way program funding. The process has been restructured and is open to any health and human service non-profit organization serving Hall, Hamilton, Howard or Merrick counties. 

The Heartland United Way has embraced a bold goal of decreasing childhood poverty to give children a chance and families a future. The Community Impact Grant is designed to encourage non-profit organizations to think creatively about ways to improve people's lives and change community conditions. Grant applications must focus on at least one of the following impact areas: Access to health, education and financial stability.

Click here to view the full list of common outcomes and indicators.


2019 Community Impact Grant Application


If you have additional questions, please call the Heartland United Way office at (308) 382-2675 or email Valerie Roth.


Heartland United Way's mission is to improve lives and create possibilities for people living in Hall, Hamilton, Howard and Merrick Counties. This mission is achieved through advocacy, leadership and support for non-profit organizations that help individuals and families gain access to educational, economic and health opportunities.