Our History

The Heartland United Way has worked diligently to meet the needs of our communities since 1947, when it began as a combined campaign that supported just four partner agencies. In 1956, a permanent office was established and the organization became known as the Grand Island Community Chest. After the organization became a division of the national United Way organization in 1975, the name Grand Island United Way, Inc. was adopted.

Though the organization was originally created to serve the Grand Island community, the name was changed to Heartland United Way in 1993 and the organization expanded to serve the four-county area it still serves today including Hall, Hamilton, Howard and Merrick counties. Today, Heartland United Way works with 17 local community partners and serve nearly 20,000 people in our four-county area annually.

70 Years in the Heartland

Heartland United Way History - The Beginning

Year-by-Year Organization History

Learn about the Heartland United Way's first years or important events and changes that occurred each decade since the organization began.

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United Way Past Honorees

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