Campaign 2022-2023

2022 - 2023 Anniversary Campaign Team

In the communities of Hall, Hamilton, Howard and Merrick Counties, we're working every day to ensure every child has a quality education, every family has a stable income, and all people enjoy good health. But to continue our vital work, we need your financial support. 

2022 - 2023 Anniversary Campaign Team:

Steve and Charla Anderson

Roger and June Andrews

Gaylord Apfel

Meta Armstrong

Jonni Carpenter

Ron Depue

DJ and Kathy Eihusen

Doug and Jill Fargo

Tom and Becky Gdowski

Mike Gloor

Jack Henry

Kelly Henry

John and Melissa Hoggatt

Jerry and Lisa Huismann

Kurt Johnson

Sherry Marshall

Matt and Kristen Maser

Joe Mlinar

Dan Naranjo

Terry and Julie Pfeifer

Tom and Sue Pirnie

Jim and Dee Price

Dehn Renter

Gary Rosacker

Mike and Michelle Schuster

Matt & Kathy Shonsey

Bruce and Judy Smith

Denny and Jayne Smith

Dave Stoddard

Scott and Reba Zana

*Not all present in photo

Thank you Tom and Kim Dinsdale for your generous donation and support!

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Campaign Car 2022

25 Key Winners for 2022 GMC Terrain

25 Key Winners

  • November 14th - Donna Wanitschke (retired)
  • November 14th - Terry & Julie Pfeifer (Edward Jones & Majestic Treasures)
  • November 15th - Gil & Mary Kuntz (retired)
  • November 15th - Steve Stauffer (CNH Industrial)
  • November 16th - Donald Ewoldt (retired)
  • November 16th - Russell Anderson (CNH Industrial)
  • November 17th - Brett Rockwell (Schroeder & Schreiner, P.C.)
  • November 17th - Colton Drage (Chief Construction)
  • November 18th - Erin Sullivan (Chief Industries)
  • November 18th - Adriane Washburn (Edward Jones)
  • November 21st - Tia Jerabek (AGI)
  • November 21st - Russ Canfield (Chief Construction) 
  • November 22nd - Brian Kort (Nebraska Truck Center)
  • November 22nd - Jaime Castro Alegria (Chief Buildings)
  • November 23rd - Stacy Stauss (Principal)
  • November 23rd - Robert (Bob) Fusselman (Eakes Office Solutions)
  • November 25th - Tom Brown (Eakes Office Solutions)
  • November 25th - Judith Smith (Retired)
  • November 28th - Matt Walker (City of Grand Island)
  • November 28th - Steve Placke (Lutz)
  • November 29th - Cathy Cochnar (Principal Financial Group)
  • November 29th - Matt Spencer (Hornady)
  • November 30th - Jill Kottwitz (Chief BonnaVilla Homes)
  • November 30th - Lidia Cabrera (Pump & Pantry)
  • December 1 - Sue Pirnie (Grand Island Express) 

*Must be present to win the 25th Key that will be randomly drawn on December 1, 2022, from 5:00 PM - 7:00 PM at the new car showroom at Tom Dinsdale Automotive.

Key Winner:

The lucky key winner of the 2022 GMC Terrain is Jill Kottwitz with Chief BonnaVilla Homes! Congratulations!

Key Winner 2022

Thank you to our donors for giving to the Heartland United Way. A special thank you to Tom and Kim Dinsdale for donating the beautiful black on black 2022 GMC Terrain.