Financial Stability

Financial Stability

Our Goal

Cut the number of low-income families that are financially unstable in half.

Impact in Community

There are a growing number of people in our community who are struggling to make ends meet. United Way agencies provide financial assistance and education to help families through crisis situations and to develop plans for moving forward. At Hope Harbor, residents were taught financial skills resulting in $46,502 in debt paid or put into savings accounts. Hope Harbor provided 18,227 bed nights and served 1,571 people with general assistance. At the YMCA, 120 children learned how to swim with no cost to the families. 134 individuals received legal advice and were served by the Sustainable Living Project through Legal Aid. At Adult Education, 18 adults completed their GED and are able to better provide for their families. 875 individuals increased their literacy, basic educational skills or English proficiency through Adult Education and the Literacy Council. Through the First-Stop Center at Multicultural Coalition, 645 individuals improved job access due to removal of barriers (child-care, transportation, etc.)

Fast Facts from 2018

United Way Community Partners served 7,038 people with financial stability.

  • 46,353 meals were served in local shelters.
  • $46,502 was put into savings accounts by financial education class participants.
  • 18,227 nights of safe shelter were provided.
  • 1,926 children received a gift for the holidays who would have otherwise gone without.


How YOU Can Help

Donate your time, talents and treasures to support the work of Heartland United Way and Community Partners. Click here to visit the Go2Volunteer website or click here to make a secure donation online.