Workplace Campaigns

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Heartland United Way visits about 150 workplaces in Hall, Hamilton, Howard and Merrick Counties each year to share how we are working to change community conditions and tell employees how they can join the live united movement to help others.

Campaign Presentations

Your business can support Heartland United Way by inviting us to speak to your employees any time during the year, though the majority of our presentations take place during our campaign (August to November). Presentations can last anywhere from 5 minutes to 45 minutes. A typical presentation includes an introduction by a United Way staff member, a viewing of our campaign video and a testimonial from a partner agency client. We provide the materials needed for your employees, including campaign brochures, pledge cards, agency information sheets, posters, table tents and more.

We work with you to determine the appropriate length and content of the presentation for your employees. For more information or to schedule a work place presentation at your business, call the Heartland United Way office at (308) 382-2675.

Campaign Coordinators

Many businesses have designated employees that work with United Way to coordinate the campaign effort at their office. Campaign coordinators schedule presentations, provide United Way with employee numbers for materials, collect and organize pledges and plan volunteer opportunities for employees. Many times the coordinators will also organize a committee at the business to come up with unique incentives to get employees involved during the campaign.

Campaign coordinators are invited to attend the Pacesetter Kickoff in August each year. At the kickoff, they receive the tools, materials and ideas for running a successful workplace campaign.

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