Our Goal

Increase the number of people who are healthy and avoid risky behavior by one-third.

Impact in Community

In 2018, United Way agencies provided health and wellness programs to encourage healthy lifestyles. The Third City Community Clinic saw over 1,892 patients who were served with physician and dental visits. At the Central NE Council on Alcoholism and Addictions (CNCAA), 258 youth learned the skills to be drug and alcohol free. 1,672 adults contacted CNCAA for assistance in dealing with addiction not have hope for a better future. At the Crisis Center, 1,789 individuals learned about healthy relationships and violence prevention to improve their mental and physical well-being. 61 children in the foster care system had their voices heard by CASA volunteers. Families saved over $32,000 on prescription drugs using the FamilyWize prescription savings card in 2018. 200 Veterans received supportive services through At Ease. 78 smoke alarms were installed to prevent injury and death from home fires by the Red Cross and volunteers.


Fast Facts from 2018

United Way Community Partners served 4,945 people with health needs

  • 61 children had their voices heard by CASA volunteers.
  • 1,672 children learned the value and skills on how to be alcohol and drug free.
  • 1,789 individuals learned about healthy relationships.
  • 200 individuals received mental health services.


How YOU Can Help

You can help by teaching those around you how to be healthy! Volunteer to teach local youth how to make good choices.


Human Trafficking

Click HERE to view to view the Human Trafficking presentation.